The complicated pandemic situation requires social distancing in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. While keeping physical distance, the mental bonds among SnB’s employees grow stronger than ever. With the message “Connecting while Distancing”, SnB maintains and strengthens connections within the company, as well as with the customers and the community by taking practical and meaningful actions.

In June 2021, SnB Co., Ltd. officially introduced VG Mask into our nationwide distribution system. To commemorate this event, the company sent VG gifts to all officers and employees as well as implemented several meaningful internal activities.

With the motto “We care for the little things” and the ultimate goal of protecting the health of mothers, babies and the whole family, in June 2021, SnB Co., Ltd. officially welcomed VG Mask as the 9th brand in our nationwide distribution system.

“Every drop of blood given helps one life to stay”, voluntary blood donation has always been a noble gesture in society. The meaning of this humble act is so significant, as our small contribution to the blood supply for hospitals can bring hope to many patients.

In January 2021, Laurier Happy Skin officially became the eighth product introduced by SnB into its wide distribution network in Vietnam.

With the belief that “People are the most valuable asset”, SnB always focuses on human resource development. From honing professional skills for managers and employees to providing knowledge to partners and customers, training is one of the top priorities of the company.

The COVID-19’s breakout in 2020 has caused severe economic, physical, as well as mental damages to everyone’s lives. Determined not to let the pandemic sweep everything away, SnB is trying to spread love even more through volunteer activities, in hope of sharing a part of the current burden on the community.

COVID-19 requires social distancing, but with a sense of solidarity and a sharing heart, we can be closer than ever. SnB will continue to accompany and stand side by side with Vietnam and the world in the fight against the pandemic, in order to build a safer and brighter tomorrow for future generations.

Last July, at SnB, there was a special, interesting and unprecedented event. It is a food fair held right in the middle of the office with unique booths from departments and employees of the company.

Together, SnB and all Glico distributors and retailers will minimize the effect of this epidemic in particular, and contribute to the development and prestige of the market for mothers & babies’ goods in general.