With the belief that “People are the most valuable asset”, SnB always focuses on human resource development. From honing professional skills for managers and employees to providing knowledge to partners and customers, training is one of the top priorities of the company.

The COVID-19’s breakout in 2020 has caused severe economic, physical, as well as mental damages to everyone’s lives. Determined not to let the pandemic sweep everything away, SnB is trying to spread love even more through volunteer activities, in hope of sharing a part of the current burden on the community.

COVID-19 requires social distancing, but with a sense of solidarity and a sharing heart, we can be closer than ever. SnB will continue to accompany and stand side by side with Vietnam and the world in the fight against the pandemic, in order to build a safer and brighter tomorrow for future generations.

Together, SnB and all Glico distributors and retailers will minimize the effect of this epidemic in particular, and contribute to the development and prestige of the market for mothers & babies’ goods in general.

On November 03 2019, SnB attended the 10th birthday party of Kids Plaza – one of SnB’s loyal customers. Held at Quan Ngua Stadium – Ha Noi, the event was given a lovely name: “Thanks mom, you’re doing great!”

September 8, 2019 welcomed the grand opening of the fourth Soc&Brothers showroom at 40 Lieu Giai, Cong Vi, Ba Dinh, Ha Noi

Acknowledging marketing utmost importance, SnB always focuses on developing marketing activities across three fields: Brand Marketing, Trade Marketing and Hospital Channel.

In the Mom&Baby industry of Viet Nam, SnB is amongst the most popular and reliable names. With an extensive distribution network consisting of MT, GT, PV and e-commerce channels, SnB strives to deliver high-quality products from well-known brands such as Merries, Glico Icreo, Aprica, Arau Baby, Graco, etc. to customers in the most efficient way possible.

Knowing the utmost importance of business growth and expansion, SnB places great emphasis on market research and analysis.

Since the establishment of SnB in 2014, total revenue increased distinctively throughout the years, especially in the year of 2015, the revenue grew 4 times higher compared to the year of 2014. At the end of 2018, SnB’s total revenue reached 1296 billion VND.