Organization Chart

After 10 years, we at SnB are really proud to have over 500 staff members divided into four sectors: SnB Contribution, Soc&Brothers, Back Office and Project.

Board of Directors

The board of directors, led by president Nguyen Bach Thuy Linh, in association with two CEO from Japan and with the help of the vice president, Ho Chi Minh branch manager and other managing assistants as well, have run the company efficiently and effectively over the years.


Although founded in 2014, SnB Distribution has enjoyed steady growth with a variety of products distributed throughout the country from three different brands: Glico, Merries and Baby. SnB Distribution along with Marketing Department have promoted the brands and many Marketing services. Every activity in this sector is supervised by CEO Hirano Yuzo.


Soc&Brothers – the retailing sector which was established from the inception of SnB currently has six departments under CEO Nakahama Chikashi and two developing directors’ management.

Back Office

Contributed to the success of those two sectors are the back office, including administration and human resources, financial & accounting, IT and supply chain.   


Taking charge in making and developing new plans for SnB is the Investment. This sector has been progressing three important projects: SnS (SnB School Project), F&B Project and Franchise Project.